Processing Points

Colorado Interpreter Dave Smith On Illegal Contact


Dave Smith Colorado High School Rules Interpreter notes that officials must use better rule guidelines when trying to improve in the area of calling illegal contact.  Dave Hall calls this “processing plays.”  Hall suggests that if officials have foremost in their minds specific “processing points” for adjudicating a variety of different basketball plays they will have a much greater rate of success.

Dave Hall uses the acronym RSBQ (rhythm, speed, balance and quickness) as an example of a “processing point” for officiating dribble drives to the basket.  Other examples may be “dislodge” or “displace” for post play and “reroute”  or “chuck” for officiating plays that involve “cutters.”

There may be an unlimited number of different kinds of plays and as many different “processing points” to help officiate them.  Think about the many different types of plays that you see in a game and come up with your own “processing points” that resonate with you for officiating each one of them.You may have one PP for a specific type of play or several.  Make them meaningful for you so you can recall them quickly.

Process the play using the appropriate processing points lodged in the front of your brain and if the dribble driver is bumped to the extent that his/her rhythm, speed, balance, or quickness is impaired then fill the whistle up and penalize the defense.









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