One of the most difficult ruling officials have to make involves palming or carrying the ball. This violation is actually a double dribble. The dribble ends when the ball comes to rest in one or both hands. (see below)

The having the ball come to rest in both hands thing is not really very difficult to officiate. We don’t see it much above seventh grade. However, the ball coming to rest in one hand is a whole different story. Ball handlers are becoming very adept at the “hesitation” dribble and with the “spin” dribble as well. In both these cases the ball comes to a momentary stop and then a new dribble begins Ball handlers are also getting very good at changing directions with their dribble using a slight ending of the dribble, then changing directions with the ball and in essence starting a new dribble. It is a very deceptive move but it gives the dribbler a huge advantage over the defender

Below is a rule citation as well as a case ruling

Rule 4-14-ART. 4
The dribble ends when:
a. The dribbler catches or causes the ball to come to rest in one or both hands.

As dribbler A1 attempts to change directions to avoid guard B1, he/she allows the ball to come to rest in one hand in bringing the ball from the right to the left side of the body. A1 pushes the ball to the floor in an attempt to continue the dribble.
RULING: When A1 palmed/carried the ball, the dribble ended and when he/she pushed the ball to the floor a violation occurred. (9-5)

Below is a video clip of a player doing exactly what the above case ruling describes. This play came right at the end of a quarter and allowed the offense get a shot at the buzzer they probably didn’t deserve.
This play is in transition and involves an interesting throw in sequence as well. This play may have been difficult for the trail official to see clearly but the center should have had a great look. Note that the center disappears when the throw in begins even though there is back court pressure.

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