There is only one significant rule change for this season. Rule 2-12-5 now instructs the timer to sound a warning signal concurrently with the beginning of the 15-second timing interval for replacing a disqualified or injured player. Rule 10-6-2 requires the coach to replace the injured or disqualified player in the 15-second period mentioned above.

In the distant past, coaches had 30-seconds for replacing disqualified or injured players. The warning buzzer was rung at 15-seconds. Then the rules committee thought that coaches were using this replacement time period more for time-out purposes than for replacing players. The committee didn’t like the “gamesmanship” involved.

Then in the near distant past, the rules committee reduced the time period for the replacement to 20-seconds with the warning buzzer sounding 15- seconds before the period ended. The result was the same according to the NFHS. Coaches were still utilizing this replacement period for talking to their players rather than quickly providing a substitute.

Now for the 16-17 season, the time to replace a disqualified or injured player has been reduced to 15-seconds with the warning buzzer coming immediately.

The rationalization for this change is that the coach already knows who they want for a replacement when they see the player injured or foul out.

The replacement scenario goes like this for a disqualified player.

The official reports the foul and is informed that number 15 has fouled out.

The official then informs the coach of the offending player of the disqualification.

Next the official instructs the timer to sound the warning buzzer and to start the 15 second replacement period.

Finally the official informs the player of their disqualification.

As in all things officiating, “pace” plays an important part in the replacement procedure. Try and not be too fast but certainly don’t be too slow.

Rule 10-6-2 requires the replacement in the time period stated and failure by the coach to do so results is a direct technical foul charged to the coach.

Discretion should be used as to when to start the replacement period when an injured player is involved. Make sure the coach has finished tending to the injured player and is now able to return to his/her coaching duties before instructing the timer to sound the buzzer and beginning the replacement period.

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