There is no “one right way” to officiate basketball.  There is no “magical place to stand.” There is no one philosophy that is going to make your every call perfect.  There are, however, innumerable ideas, guidelines, acronyms, key words, and philosophies about basketball officiating that may make you a better basketball official.

This newsletter or blog is an outgrowth and an extension of the Dave Hall Officiating Camps.  Through this forum basketball officiating ideas encompassing officiating mechanics, philosophy, professionalism and rules study are targeted toward and designed for high school officials of all levels.  These ideas come from years of experience from not only Dave Hall but from many of his camp clinicians as well.

The purpose of this site is to help high school officials everywhere and especially those who have attended Dave Hall camps achieve their officiating potential.  Dave Hall is a big believer in the “call it like it is written philosophy,” but understands that in order to call the play correctly one must see the play correctly and understand the play correctly.

Dave Hall encourages the study and understanding of the NFHS rule book, casebook and official’s manual.  Manuals however cannot cover every possible officiating scenario and we think within these pages you will find a ton of information that will enhance your understanding of the manual and make it an even more valuable resource.

In 1974, Tim Gallway wrote the classic “The Inner Game of Tennis.” Think of the posts on this site as the “inner game of officiating.”  Hopefully they will make you mentally tougher and sharper for your challenges on the court.

Take some good ideas with you and leave some good ideas for others to discover.