Sometimes the entire game is ugly, right from the top to the finish. Sometimes the game is pretty decently played but there are a couple of wild and ugly stretches thrown in just for good measure. ¬†At these times we are often left thinking “What the heck just happened?”

It is in these games that are on the whole played pretty well but where there are two or three segments when we wonder if the players have ever played before that we have to be ready to get the unexpected. It is during those times when the play really goes south unexpectedly that basketball officials have to step up and meet the challenge of the unexpected.

It may be a run over, an unexpected blocked shot or a skirmish on the floor, Whatever it is the official who steps up to make the call really shines.

In the video below that was clipped from a game that was actually fairly well played, a moment or two of insanity ensued and the center official stayed with the madness and came away with a remarkable charge call.

ray lutz

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