Work hard to get in the best position to see plays. “Position adjust” to see each play during the game. MOVE…..Dave Hall

The above statement was excerpted from a newsletter Dave Hall sent this fall to his officials in one of the leagues he assigns. During the last 25 years and having worked 125 plus officiating camps with Dave I have heard the above admonishment from him at least 2000 times

“Position Adjust!” That is the one thing that all great basketball officials have in common. They move to improve their look at the play. The eternal quest for the open look. If officials get the open look they will rule the play correctly a huge perce3ntage of the time. When officials call from a closed look, even the very good ones, their degree of accuracy plunges dramatically. If officials call from a closed look they are essentially guessing.

Additionally, adjusting your position when appropriate to do so, makes it appear that you are working hard and it gives the illusion that you are more connected to the play than you actually may be.

I am always amazed when I see a trail official who has the ball in her/his PCA and the ball moves six times in that PCA and the official does not take one step to improve their look.

Below is a splendid video clip showing Canadian Basketball Official Karen Lasuik a top-level collegiate official both in the US and Canada doing just what Dave preaches so passionately.

Karen moves to see two different plays stacked on top of each other. On the second of the plays she uses Dave’s patented “two-step rule.” That rule states if the ball goes left, the official takes two quick steps to the right to get the open look. Go the opposite direction of the ball handler.

Karen demonstrates this rule in a classic manner, the same manner that brought her huge attention in the last Olympics in Brazil.

Watch this. It is beautiful to me.

ray lutz

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