“All we have is now, or we ever had is now.”  These are lyrics from my favorite hard rock group “The Flaming Lips” and their smash single “All We Have Is Now.”  I think of these lyrics often when I watch basket ball games and particularly when I see trail officials “bail” or “leak out” on shots, especially on three point shots.

Trail officials that “leak out” are already worrying about the future when the play at hand is not yet resolved.  I encourage you to close down as trail, parallel with the sideline, until the ball hits the rim.  Then stop and shift your weight to your front foot and focus on the action.  Don’t leave to go to the other end until there is clear position by the defenders.

Officiate “now.”  We will take care of the future when it becomes “now.”

The video below shows a very good official who sometimes gets in a hurry to get to the other end of the court when he is the old trail or new lead.

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