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Officials often get confused when a skilled post person employs a cross over pivot in combination with a step through move. This is a basic, legal post maneuver which officials often call traveling.

As opposed to when using the drop step, the cross over pivot and step through technique the post player releases the ball on the shot before the pivot comes back to the floor. The cross overt pivot can initially be in either direction giving the post the option of shooting with his/her right or left hand.

Officials must know and recognize the difference between these two offensive post techniques.

If a post player steps away from his/her pivot foot officials should suspect a travel may follow. If a post player steps across the pivot foot officials may be fairly certain that the move will be legal.

We have talked recently about how many post player use an illegal drop step move to get good looks at the basket. ( See, “Behold the Drop Step”) To review, a drop step is when the post player with his/her back to the basket and holding the ball, steps toward the baseline with his/her non -pivot foot, then picks up his/her pivot foot while spinning toward the backboard and resets the pivot foot before shooting. This move as described is a travel and illegal. The post picks up the pivot foot and sets it back down before passing or shooting the ball.

The video below shows a talented young post player executing a cross over pivot move and follows that with a “step through’ and shoots the ball before re-setting her pivot foot. This is a perfectly legal play that was ruled a travel.

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