Just when you think you have seen pretty much everything, this game of basketball jumps up and bites you in the butt. I saw this situation earlier this week.

With time running out and with no times out remaining, Team A has the ball behind by 4 points. A1 shoots and makes a three point shot with 4.9 seconds showing on the clock
Now, Team A is behind by one with no times out remaining and Team B would not have to make a throw in before time expires.

BUT, AS THE BALL GOES THROUGH THE NET, A2 (teammate of A1 who had just scored) grabs the ball, steps out of bounds and in bounds the ball back to A1 who shoots again.

The officials quickly recognized that something was amiss and stopped the action. After a short discussion the officials issued a delay of game warning to Team A, put the time back to 4.9 and allowed Team B to run the end line for a throw in.

Normally, this would be a correct ruling. But, for this specific situation the casebook has the ruling below.


Immediately following a goal or free throw by Team A, A1 inbounds the ball to A2 and A2 subsequently throws the ball through A’s basket.

RULING: The following procedure has been adopted to handle this specific situation if it is recognized before the opponents gain control or before the next throw-in begins: (a) charge Team A with an unsporting technical foul; (b) assess a delay-of-game warning for interfering with the ball after a goal; (c) cancel the field goal; (d) cancel any common foul(s) committed and any non-flagrant foul against A2 in the act of shooting; and (e) put “consumed” time back on the clock.

COMMENT: If there is no doubt the throw-in was a result of confusion, the entire procedure would be followed except no unsporting team technical foul would be charged. A team technical would be assessed if the team had received a previous delay warning. This procedure shall not be used in any other throw-in situation in which an official administers the throw-in and a mistake allows the wrong team to inbound the ball. (4-47-3; 7-6-6; 10-1-5d)

Here is a short video of the play.

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