On any given Friday night we might not be the best play caller in America, but we can be the one of the best game managers. It doesn’t take exceptional physical abilities nor does it take great “thin slicing” skills to be a great game manager. I am speaking about game dead ball game management here.

What it does take is attention to detail and an understanding of the various administrative procedures required by basketball officials to make a game flow seamlessly and without incident. I am talking here about jump ball administration, alternating possession, out of bounds, throw-ins, substitutions, timeout procedures and certainly free throw administration among others. In order for us to be great at the administrative side of basketball officiating we have to arm ourselves with the knowledge of how to handle each of these situations and then we have to be aware that we are putting than information to use on the court.

In our officiating manuals we will find all the information we need about how to administratively handle all of the above situations and more. What we have to do on the court is to be sure in the heat of the battle we use the proper administrative procedures.

In the video clip below there is a good holding call made on the periphery and the calling official indicates that play should resume with a throw-in from the baseline. The video clearly shows that the throw-in should be from the sideline. Some would say that this is an innocuous little discretion, but it gives the offense the ball on the baseline for a throw-in which is probably more of an advantage for them than having the ball on the sideline where play should have resumed. Teams typically have many more set throw in plays from the end line than the sideline. and you can be the best in America next Friday evening.

Be vigilant in your administrative duties

The National Federation manual has a throw-in diagram on page 20 I believe and IAABO manual show the same diagram on page 41.

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