When the ball is “up top” at the point the lead official must be closed down if he/she is going to have an opportunity to be ball side before the ball is entered to the low post on the other side of the lane.

Often in transition it is impossible for even the most athletic of lead officials to be ball side when the the lay-up goes to the glass. In front court offensive sets, however., most officials will be able to complete the rotation in a timely manner if they get “closed down” in a timely manner. Too often the lead remains in a wide look position when the ball is up at the point. Then, quick ball movement has the ball into the low post in a blink of the eye and the lead is not able to get there for the entrance pass or even for the shot in many cases.

In the clip below the lead official is way wide when the ball is “up top.” Note that the offensive post is already across the lane and the lead is still wide and has no one to officiate.

Three things happen in this sequence. first there is a border line illegal screen by the offensive post, the the offensive post “holds off” or “pins” the defender with his left arm and finally the defending post strips the offense on the entrance pass. The lead is no where to be seen and no one on the crew has a good enough look to fill their whistles.

Get closed down when it is appropriate to do so.

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