Get the First Foul

Saw it again last night.  I am talking about the play where a foul occurred by the defender that wasn’t whistled and then out of frustration the offensive player shoved or elbowed back the defender and the zebras whistled the offensive player.  It happens quite a bit and we invariably get the second foul.  We will save ourselves a great deal of trouble if we pull the trigger on the first foul.  Two weeks ago I saw a play where the defender repeatedly kept jabbing the ball handler in the gut.  After about the fourth or fifth jab the offensive player slapped away the defenders arm with considerable force and the chest bumping was on!  The offensive player was charged with an intentional foul and the game almost blew up at that point.  Had the covering official just called a foul on the second or third jab, the whole situation would not have happened.

Earlier this season I witnessed a play where the defending post player was using a swim move to knock down the offensive post’s arm, so he would only have one hand with which to catch the entrance pass.  Nothing was called.  Pretty soon the offensive player got fed up and sent an elbow message to the defender.  Sure enough, the covering official rightly whistled a foul on the offense, but it was the first foul that wasn’t called that caused the elbow.

Remember, these games will be there on video for the coaches to view later.  Get the first foul and save yourself some problems.

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