We are seeing more and more high school players utilizing the spin move off of a dribble. This move can be legal, but more often than not when preformed in high school, and at the next level for that matter, it is used illegally. High school basketball officials as a whole don’t do a very good job of ruling the illegal move as traveling.

In the video clip below the official does get the traveling violation.

The dribble driver ends his dribble with his right foot on the floor, thus becoming his pivot foor. He then “spins” with his back to the basket on his right foot. His non pivot foot, the left foot then comes to rest on the floor. He then picks up his pivot foot, his right foot and places down again on the floor then shoots a jump shot.

In order for this move to be legal he must shoot the ball before his pivot foot is reset.

We wouldn’t dream of letting his pivot foot come down and then shooting on a lay up shot, but some how we are reticent to call traveling on an illegal spin move. Maybe because it is such a pretty move or maybe because they do an even crappier job ruling on this play at the next level.

Offensive players are hard enough to guard as it is and now defenders cannot even breath on an offensive player without a foul being called. The least we can do as officials is to make sure the offense doesn’t get two different pivot feet when executing a shot.

Get the spin travel!

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