High Trap “C” Side

One of the plays we need to talk about in every pre-game conference is the high trap on the center official’s side of the court. Dave Hall Officiating believes this is one of the times when the Center official can and should initiate the rotation.

Often this trap is right in the high corner just inside front court and adjacent to the side line. This play is often a long ways from the trail official. Often, in fact, the trail isn’t even to the division line yet. Dave Hall believes that officials need to go where they need to go to wee what they need to see. The officials manual gives us a good default starting place but then the manual encourages us to “position adjust” from there depending where the action is. When considering the high trap on the “C” side, the center can initiate the rotation by moving up to the play and begin working it as the Trail. The lead will then by default come to the ball side. This gives the crew a better “look” at the play and makes them appear much more engage and connected to that play.

In the past some folks have said that there should be no rotation until the trail is in front court. Dave Hall thinks that moving to get a better look trumps waiting for the trail to get to front court.

Eric Larson a women’s final four official discusses this aspect of the high trap play in the clip below.

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