Illegal Drop Step

There are spin travels that feature dribble drivers going to the basket and there are spin travels executed by post players with their backs to the basket.
In the video below we see white post player number 15 with her back to the basket establish her left foot as her pivot foot after finishing a dribble. She then steps away from her pivot foot with her right foot followed by picking up her pivot foot and resetting it before shooting. This is a big advantage for the offense. Big strong post players are a handful l to defend as it is, let alone giving them the opportunity to change their pivot foot.
Processing points for this play includes “one, two, three. One is the original pivot foot, two being the step away with the non pivot foot and three is the resetting of the original pivot foot. This is a travel!
Another processing point is the “step away.” Note that the non pivot foot “steps away” from the pivot foot almost guaranteeing that a travel will ensue. Players can ex
This move is often called a drop step. It can be legal if it ends with a hook shot where the ball is gone before the pivot foot touches the floor again.
However, as it is executed in this video it is a travel.
We can see the trail official in this video with a wide open look at the play but he doesn’t blow. Either he isn’t experienced enough to find the pivot foot or he does not understand the process points.

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