Below is a clip of a jump ball play to begin the game. It is a weird play and I am not sure what the white team thought they could accomplish.

In this clip, the jumper from white doesn’t jump but runs across and out of the restraining circle but doesn’t get the ball. A violation was called on him, and I am sure that if I had seen this play for the first time I would have ruled a violation as well because it looks so weird. But, after further review, I do not think there was a violation.

Below is what Rule Six says about jumpers.

Neither jumper shall:
a. Touch the tossed ball before it reaches its highest point.
b. Leave the center restraining circle until the ball has been touched.
c. Catch the ball before the jump ball ends.
d. Touch the ball more than twice.

In the video play, it doesn’t look like the jumper was out of the circle before the other jumper tapped the ball. He didn’t catch the ball.
And if he had caught the ball it would have been a violation. He could have tapped the ball to the floor and then recovered it and been OK.
Take a look at this clip and see what you think.

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