Dave Hall is fond of saying, “Either we manage the game or the game manages us.” This applies to resuming play after a time out or intermission as well.

When the warning buzzer sounds alerting everyone involved that there is 15 seconds remaining in the time out or intermission, take two or three steps toward the team huddle, hold up one finger and clearly say, “Warning Buzzer” or “First Bell “ or something to that effect. Then leave and go to where you need to be to referee the throw-in.

I suggest not going all the way to the huddle or actually sticking your head into the huddle, clapping your hands in encouragement and announcing that it is time to get going. It is the team’s responsibility to get out of the huddle on time. Going all the way to the huddle and babysitting the tardy team is an example of the game managing the crew, rather than the crew managing the game.

The key to managing the problem of teams being tardy coming out of the huddle after a time out is simply employing the “resumption of play procedure.” (4-38) (7-5-1)

When the second horn sounds, wait a second or two and if one or both teams are clearly not returning to the floor in a timely manner, sound the whistle announce the color of the throwing team and put the ball at the throwers disposal. That means setting the ball on the floor if the throwing team is tardy. I guarantee you that if the crew uses the ROP procedure following the first and second timeout of the game there will be no further tardy issues the rest of the game.

Don’t “nitpick” this situation and don’t appear in a hurry or arrogant if you apply the ROP procedure. If the teams are responding in a half way timely manner wait a second or two, but if they are jacking around, just use the tools the rule book gives you. And, certainly don’t use the ROP procedure with two seconds remaining in a tied game if you have not used it earlier in the game. In fact, never use it in this situation.

You can also mention returning to the floor on time after time outs in your pre-game meeting with the coaches.

Talk about returning to the floor in your crew’s pre-game discussions as well and commit to using the resumption of play procedure if it is warranted.
Manage the game.

ray lutz

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