When administering throw-ins the real threat of something illegal happening that could give one team a significant advantage happens on the court not out of bounds where the thrower is. And yet, watch any number of throw ins and you will see official after official staring at the thrower who is out of bounds, while at the same moment offensive teammates of the thrower are being held, chucked and bumped.
Oh yes, we know that the thrower could leave his three foot designated throw in spot and yes, the defender might commit a delay of game infraction that might require a warning be included in the score book. The defender might even reach through the plane and hit the ball or foul the thrower. But, our point here is that these things rarely ever happen and if they do they are usually pretty obvious and can be covered by the administering official.
Dave Hall teaches that the real important stuff that happens during the throw in, happens on the court and that is where the majority of the administering officials vision should be focused. It is on the floor where cutter trying to get open for the throw in, is hooked or illegally rerouted. And, it is not always the defense that commits an illegal act. When faced with tight coverage during throw ins the offensive players often push off to gain separation in order to catch the pass. None of this action is observed by the administering official if he/she is watching the thrower.
Here are some camp tips about administering throw ins on the sideline.
• Never hand the ball on the sideline, back off-get cushion and a wider view and bounce the ball
• Position your body at a 60 degree angle. Two thirds of your vision will then be on the court.
• You can shift the focus of your vision to the thrower if it is warranted
• Remember if the offense fouls on a throw in it is a team control foul
Here is a couple of thoughts for the end line on throw ins
• Hand the ball in front court, bounce it in back court
• Get the thrower to back away from the line by backing away yourself before putting the ball at their disposal
• Back off, get cushion, a wide view, position yourself at a 60 degree angle
• Remember in the three person system you have an option, you can go inside the thrower to administer or stay boxed on the outside.
• If the throw in spot is more than half way to the sideline the administering official is probably better off on the inside.
In the video below, watch the body angle and note where the head is focused for much of this contested throw in. This is how it is done.

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