It seems to me that high school basketball is seeing more and more dribble drivers lower their head and go hell-bent down the lane whether or not there is any opening for them to do so.

Many of these dribble drivers are so out of control that they are not able to stop if they need to and in many cases are not even able to make a pass to a teammate on the perimeter when it is clear there is no place for them to go.

Covering officials must be ready to penalize dribble drivers who are so out of control that they displace, dislodge and often run over defenders who have obtained LGP.

It is hard to defend plays being ruled a “no call” when there is obvious contact and players go to the floor. Officials need a whistle on these kinds of plays. I think a wrong whistle is even better than a “no call” when players go to the floor and there is blood, guts, teeth and sinew splattered everywhere.

Anticipate these drives down the lane, and find the secondary defenders and if they are legal, penalize the dribble drivers. Do this early and it will make your game better in the long run.

In the video clip below the center anticipates the situation, finds the secondary defender and makes the right call.

The defender initially had two feet on the floor and was facing the offensive player. He was not moving forward but in fact, may have been moving backward.

The defender takes the contact on the torso and both players go to the floor, falling in the same direction with the offensive player ending up on top. This is a classic charge foul caused by an offensive dribble driver being out of control.

Correct call! The official looked decisive, strong and confident in his mechanics. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

ray lutz

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