Dave Hall is adamant about the lead official “pinching the paint” when there is a drive to the basket from the weak side and the play happened so quickly that there was not time to rotate. He is equally adamant about the new trail “pinching” the weak side in back court.

Picture this play. There is a made free throw followed by a Team B throw-in. The throw-in goes away from the trail toward the weak side deep corner, where the ball is contested. Too often in this scenario the trail does not move toward the play, rather he/she heads up court on the strong side. The result is that either the center is left to cover this play or if the center has gone up court no one appears to be, or is in fact, connected to this play.
Dave Hall encourages officials to move toward the basket line or even cross the line in order to be in a position to rule on any illegal contact that may or may not occur. This is “pinching” the weak side by the trail in back court.

In the video below the lead goes away from the action but luckily the center remains in place to see the play.

In this play below the lead upon realizing his center has gone off and left him high and dry, quickly pinches the weak side and does a good job connecting with the action.

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