Position Adjust

There is no officiating fundamental dearer to Dave Hall’s heart then “position adjust.”  Adjusting our position on the floor to get the best possible look is imperative to the pursuit toward excellence in officiating.  Open looks are everything; closed invalid looks are killers.  Adjusting your position or your “look” often times just means taking a step or two one way or another. If the ball goes right take a step or two to the left.  If the ball goes left you go right.

It is not only the trail who needs to be aware of adjusting his/her position.  Lead officials often need to move a foot or two every time the ball moves on the perimeter because the post players usually move to a new position when the ball moves.

Center officials need to adjust their position to get the best look at cutters and screeners.

I watched a sequence recently where the ball moved about five times in the trails area and the trail did not move an inch.  It seems highly unlikely to me that the ball can move in my primary several times and I have the perfect look each time without moving.  Position Adjust! Move with a purpose and move to improve.

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