In his summer basketball officiating camps Dave Hall preaches “position adjusting.” He emphasizes that it is nothing more than taking a quick two or three steps in the right direction to get a better look at the action. “Move to improve” he implores.

Adjusting ones position with the ever fluid action is one of the keys to successful basketball officiating. Bust your butt to get to your beginning default coverage position then continue to adjust your position to gain and maintain the best possible look at the play at hand.

Probably trail officials have to work the hardest and be the most conscious of adjusting their position because they are on the ball action the most, but lead and center officials also have to adjust their positions as well.

Lead officials adjust their positions with their rotations and with a step or two while covering post play. Many Center officials do not adjust their positions as much as they probably should. They may need to adjust a step or two to get better looks a cutters, off ball screens and when they expand their view to the next competitive match up when finding none in their own PCA.

Drives to the basket happen quickly, giving trail officials little time to react and to get into a better position. Dave Hall teaches his “two step rule.’ When the play you are covering goes to your right, you take two quick steps to your left to maintain the best possible look. If the play goes to your left, quickly step to your right.

In the video below the trail has a good open look at the play. Then the dribble driver goes to the basket. When the ball goes to the trails left he quickly takes two or three steps to his right to keep an open look and to stay engaged with the play all the way to the hoop.


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