Bob Marken, one of Colorado’s most respected basketball officials gave the keynote talk at this year’s IAABO Board 4 Southern Colorado State Clinic.

His topic was “Professionalism” and his content was chocked full of excellent thoughts to help all of us become more professional in our approach to basketball officiating.

Bob has an especially unique view when it comes to professionalism in officiating. He was an outstanding athlete in high school, a state championship coach in football and a sub varsity basketball coach.

In addition to those exploits Bob Marken was also a high school athletic director, is active in the Colorado Coaches Association, is a championship basketball official and a basketball assignor for one of Colorado’s premier 3A athletic conferences.

Bob is also recognized as an outstanding teacher of officiating and has been a leader of the Upper Arkansas Basketball Officiating Association for over 20 years.

The point is that Bob knows a lot about what professionalism in basketball officiating should look like.

He encouraged the officials in attendance to view High School Basketball as “Educationally Based Athletics.” View the gym as a classroom!

He also asked officials to remember who the game is about.

It is about the schools involved.

It is about the student athletes.

It is about the coaches.

It is about the parents.

And, although the officials have a major role in the success of the activity, the game is certainly not about the officials. He encourages officials to not project themselves like it is about them.

“Preparation” is a major theme of professionalism. Be prepared in the knowledge of the rules, floor mechanics, officiating philosophy and game administration techniques.

Bob encourages officials to overlay the rules of the game and administer them with common sense in a fair and rational way.

All of Bob’s thoughts are good to ponder as we approach this new season.

ray lutz

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