Quality Calls On Bigs

One of the important themes that permeated all of Dave Hall’s 2013 summer officiating camps was that foul calls on “bigs” must be quality calls. The thought is that a typical high school team is lucky enough to have one decent sized post player, let alone a quality back up. It just doesn’t happen too often. Therefore officials have to be extra vigilant in making sure that any foul called on a post player is worth calling. They cannot be marginal in nature, as post players are to valuable a commodity to be sitting on the bench anytime during a game, and especially if they are sitting because of a bogus or even a gray area call by the game official.

In the accompanying video to this post is a “curl” play that goes away from the lead and opens to the center official. One of Dave Hall’s pet sayings is “curl away-stay away.” The idea is that the lead has the worst look of the crew on the “curl” that often “opens” to the center or the trail official. In the video it appears that the defending post is clearly vertical and while the reporting lead official signals a push there seems to be little or no creditable video evidence to support the call and note that the center official did not have a whistle.

Also note that while the ball is in the “chute” or lane extended the lead is not closed down and is way late on the rotation. If you look carefully you can see that the offensive post is “wrapping” or holding his defender on the post entry pass. Focus on the defending post and note how vertical the defender is. This is a marginal call at best and certainly not a “quality” call that we would like to have on all post players, even in the first half.

Finally, watch a very patient defensive coach query the official on the call and ask him to watch the offensive post for holding. He now feels that the opposition post held his post and that the call was bogus. Double jeopardy!

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