We have talked a great deal about the importance of not letting ourselves get straight lined on the three point shot as both the trail and the center.

If we allow ourselves to be straight lined we often have difficulty knowing,if in fact,the shot was a two or three point attempt. We also have difficulty knowing whether the shooter was fouled or whether the shoot was legally blocked.

shot was blocked or whether there was a foul on the try.

There is another reason to make sure we don’t get straight lined. On many three point attempts there is a screen in front of the shooter. In most cases the legality of the screen and andy illegal contact made on the screener will fall to the official covering the three point shooter.So, if that covering official allows him/herself to be flatlined not only will that have difficulty protecting the shooter they will have no clue what happed with the screen in front.

Anticipate the play and get yourself in a position that allows you a more open look on the shooter but on the screen in front of the shooter.

Below is four 3 point shot attempts with screens in front of them. Take a look at them and put yourself in the shoes of the covering officials and see what kind of look you have at the screen.

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