Calling traveling is one of the biggest challenges basketball officials face. For years we have taught ourselves to find the pivot foot. If we find the pivot foot we have a fighting chance to getting the travel call.

Here is a tip that might help you with getting the travel call right.

Start every player possession at the feet and then work your way up.

We’re not talking team possession here, but player possession. Every time a player in your primary receives the ball start at her/his feet and then work your way up the body. Most officials are so concerned about illegal contact by the defenders that they immediately focus on the middle of the action about where the defenders hands are located. By doing this they never locate the pivot foot and therefore struggle when it comes to calling traveling.

Starting at the feet doesn’t mean that you spend all day there. Start at the feet, and then go up. This way you will know which foot is the pivot foot and you will have a better chance of getting the play correct.

Also, many of the travel violations that officials miss happen when a player gets the ball and immediately makes a move toward the basket. They are in such a hurry to beat the defender, that they lift the pivot foot before beginning their dribble. By starting each player possession at the feet, officials will have a better chance seeing these early travels.

Train yourself. Start at the feet and then go up.

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