Stay with the Shooter

It takes a little over a full second for the typical high school three point shot to hit the rim.  Often times covering officials are in such a hurry to referee the rebound action that they fail to observe what happens to the shooter after the ball leaves his/her hand.  We encourage you to make sure you get the shooter back down to the floor safely and then some.  Remember also, that once an air borne returns to the floor they are, by rule, no longer a shooter.  If they are fouled then, the result is either a bonus foul situation or the ball back out of bounds.  This situation could result in a five point play.

Square up on the three-point shot.  Make your body language read that you are focused on the play.

It is not only the three-point shooter that we need to be worried about.  Stay with all shooters until they are out of harm’s way; whether they are shooting from eight feet or twenty feet.

The new thing now is for defenders to just try and slightly pop the shooter’s elbow hoping you will not see it or think it was so slight that it was incidental.  Use “hard eyes” and focus on what the defender is doing.

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