Sometimes officials get lucky and are handed a block- charge play on a silver platter. The defender clearly establishes legal guarding position, both feet on the floor, inbounds, not moving forward and facing the dribbler. If they are really lucky the defender doesn’t even have to “maintain.”

Such is the case in the video clip below. The defender has obtained LGP, doesn’t need to maintain that position and takes the contact on the sternum. The post contact clues are there also. The dribbler goes through the vertical, the defender and the dribbler both fall the same direction and the dribbler ends up on top of the defender. Textbook!

This charge happened right after a rotation and the old center, now the new trail, knowing she had the best look didn’t back out just because the lead had come over.

The trail may be better served at the high school level by taking a few steps toward the play and holding the foul signal and the player/ team control signal a little bit longer, but the bottom line is that the play was ruled correctly.

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