In a recent memorandum from Bert Borgman that went to coaches, athletic directors as well as to all Colorado basketball officials, there were listed a number of issues that CHSAA felt needed highlighting going into the last month of the 2016-2017 basketball season.

Below is one of the issues that caught my eye.

 “Continued reminder…uniforms need to be worn as intended.”

The rule that the memorandum is referring to is 3-5-5 which states in part……

“Equipment and apparel shall not be modified from the original manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner the manufacturer intended it to be worn.”

The fashion police are called upon again. In my many years of officiating high school football, basketball and, track and field, officials have been called upon from time to time to pay special attention to uniform issues.

In football at various times, it was thigh pads and then tail bone pads and knee pads and also keeping the jersey tucked in. Track officials for much of the 2000’s felt like all they did was be the fashion police with the big issue being jewelry and even at one point the color of stitching on undergarments.

In basketball, it used to be (and still is to some extent) keeping the jersey tucked into the pants and don’t forget to keep the shorts above the hips. That was a big uniform issue from time to time. And, of course. there was always the jewelry concerns and the rubber bands on the wrists and the ribbons in the hair, let alone matching the colors of headbands and wristbands to sleeves. And, don’t forget the undershirts have to match the predominant color of the jersey.

The current issue is the rolling of the waistbands on the shorts. This used to be just a girls thing but now the boys have somehow jumped on this bandwagon. Players are getting smarter now by “blousing” the jersey over the rolled waistband.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you deal with the current fashion police directives.

Mention the current CHSAA memorandum to the captains and ask them for their help in getting any offenders from their team to comply before the game begins. You can even say you saw a couple of offenders during the pregame warm up if that was the case,

During the pregame meeting with the coaches bring up that memorandum again and ask them for their help in seeing that all of their players comply. Remember, coaches, are required to confirm to you that all their players are legally equipped and will remain so during the game.

Just before the opening toss all three officials should take a step or two in toward the players and make a last visual check and if you find any rolled waistbands, get them unrolled right then.

During the game, if you see a player with a rolled waistband quietly as him/her to unroll it. If they don’t comply or if you find the same player our of compliance a second time remove them from the gain and inform the coach they cannot come back in unless they comply

Below is a short clip of a crew of officials making a last minute inspection of players just before the toss.

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