There is one simple technique that will make you appear more believable and confident on the court. That technique is to slow down after filling your whistle with air. When you look rushed and hurried you are not believable.

When you whistle a foul, plan on spending at least three seconds at the scene of the crime holding your foul signal. Slow down. Do the paperwork! The paperwork is telling the world how play will be resumed.

Every time we sound the whistle play stops. Everyone involved, players, coaches, the table, fans and your partners need to know how play will be resumed.

There are only two ways to resume play, free throws or a throw- in.

So, while you are spending your three seconds at the crime scene, take that time to announce to all concerned how play will be resumed.
“Blue ball baseline.”


“25 shoots two.”

Then go report the crime to the table.

If you are walking toward the table to report and are looking back over your shoulder to find the number of the perpetrator or pointing to the baseline, you know you need to slow down at the point of the foil call.

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