Verticality and the Curl Play

It is probably a good rule of thumb that the lead stays off the call on a curl play that is going away from him or her.  A curl play that goes away from the lead actually opens up to the center official who has a much more open look than does the lead.

To officiate this play correctly the center must move quickly to get into the best possible position to see the play.

On the video clip below the lead is not at “close down” when the ball is at the point and the offensive post is already across the lane.  These facts make him late rotating to ball side as the post already has the ball and is into the “curl” by the time the lead get across the lane. Conversely then the center is late getting to his optimal position to see the play.

The post defender appears to be completely legal with his arms certainly vertical.  It is true that the camera does not have the same look as the lead, but note the signal the lead gives to the table.

The coach doesn’t buy it nor does the camera.

Watch the offensive post hook and hold as he prepares to receive the entry pass.  Who should get this illegal action, and was it egregious enough to call.


I like the way the new C moves in to “set up” the trail who is coming to administer the free throw.

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